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New Volvo Inventory in McLarty Volvo Cars of Little Rock

The Volvo brand has recently become one of the most popular and best reviewed in the luxury space. Volvo cars and SUVs have beautiful and feature-rich interiors, powerful engine selections, and elegant designs for Benton, AR and Bryant, AR drivers. Continue reading to learn more about some of the leading new Volvo models.

Volvo S60

The S60 is Volvo's small car model. It has one of the best interiors in its class and an extensive selection of engines to choose from, and its base trim comes with a lot of features. There are many ways to customize the S60 across its trims, packages, and drivetrains, so it is easy to dial in on the best value for your particular needs. The cabin is spacious and comfortable with lots of room, high-class materials, and a well-designed infotainment interface.

Volvo XC40

The XC40 is the first of the three Volvo luxury SUVs, and it is the smallest. The XC line all share similar interior looks, they have overlapping engine choices, and they have similar feature lists as well, so once you know one of them, you tend to know them all. Their trim levels even share names. The XC40, as the smallest, has the least cargo room but the best fuel efficiency of the three. The engines also push the XC40 faster than the heavier models. It's a powerful, fun crossover that's a great fit if you don't need a bigger SUV room but want more space than a car offers.

Volvo XC60

The XC60 is the next size up in the Volvo SUV lineup. Although all of the XC models have roomy interiors, the XC60 has more space for people and cargo than the 40. It also has a longer standard feature list. As you move up the list in terms of size, more and more features become included in the base trim. The 60 is a compact SUV, so it still gets excellent efficiency, and the engines give it a lot of power, and it has the trademark cozy interior of Volvo SUVs.

Volvo XC90

The big XC90 is a three-row model, and it is the largest in the Volvo collection. It has a long list of standard features and a huge, comfortable cabin. You can configure it to have six or seven seats depending on whether the middle row is a pair of captain's chairs or a bench of three seats. The powerful engines give it a lot of acceleration, but it still scores better MPG than its three-row rivals.

Recharge Engine

A significant alteration to the Volvo lineup recently has been the unveiling of the Recharge engine for hybrid & electric vehicles. The Recharge is a turbocharged 400-horsepower hybrid drivetrain that is available on most Volvo vehicles. It's powerful and also the most efficient engine choice in the Volvo collection, and it's featured in the XC40 Recharge Pure Electric, XC60 Recharge & XC90 Recharge. It's an exciting and dynamic addition that is the best engine for any model where it is available, and you can generally match it with any trim as well, so it is worth making room in the budget for it.

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Volvo's luxury lineup is outstanding and is sure to make a big impact in Little Rock. They have something for everyone, along with consistently excellent design and a unified look throughout the collection. If any of them sound good to you, then you can shop online for a new Volvo to learn more about them from home. You can also schedule a test drive to experience the performance for yourself or check out the interiors. Then you can decide if a Volvo car or SUV would be a good match for you. Whether you're in North Little Rock or Sherwood, you're your way to McLarty Volvo Cars of Little Rock to learn more.